Beyond Time
Information Consultancy

by Elif Tus, based in London


Information Technology Consultancy covers a lot of IT titles in the industry. We, As Phoenix Information Technology Consultancy, provide services for IT consultancy, project management, business consultancy, and solution architecture. Jobs in this scope are highly intertwined, requiring the ability to do each other’s work for successful outcomes. Separating each responsibility with strict boundaries is not always possible.

For example, although Information Technology Consultancy is a huge domain and comprises lots of IT job fields, IT Consultancy refers mostly to managing the existing internal system of relatively smaller firms. Here, in this section and subsections, we refer to the needs of relatively smaller firms with IT consultancy, as well. And the other job services are explained separately in detail.

This is the way we explained our services but please consider that each solution is tailored to need, and responsibilities may differ relatively.

  • Information Technology Consultancy
  • Business Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Solution Architecture


Mrs Tus possesses the necessary skills and experience in order to establish the proposed business and deal with day to day management of her business.

By way of academic background, Mrs Tus holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Computer Engineering from Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey. She also completed her master’s courses in Computer Engineering at Yildiz Technical University and continues her thesis work.

Besides she has started making money by working in various jobs and projects from the early years of university, corporate life has begun for her in October 2014 in the R&D department of Ericsson. After her Ericsson experience, between 2015 and 2017 during work-life at Huawei company has added to her experience also Far Eastern working culture. She continues her business life at i2i Systems company since 2018 June. The project on the development and delivery the software products and solutions to the telecom operator, Videotron in Canada, is the project that she is working on. She had started working for that project as a business analyst and solution integrator, and supported the solution architects. At delivery times, she had taken the role of a delivery manager. And currently, she continues working as a project manager. Her good communication skills and solution-oriented character combined with technical knowledge and experience, and this combination clearly makes her stand out.


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